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Welcome to PACE Lucknow


Participatory Action for Community Empowerment (PACE) is a voluntary development organization committed for people centred development established on 18th Dec 2000 with the mission of empowering the dalits, women, poors, marginalized, children and old aged community people. PACE is a not for profit, non-governmental civil society organization, which believes in participatory approaches and practices participatory methodologies for empowering the rural and urban community.

PACE established by a group of young & dynamic citizens with professional background from XISS, Ranchi, Jharkhand, India who have deep social concern and commitment for social change processes. We focus on mobilising the community; educating them and sharing right information which would give them an advantage in their social economic and political live and liberate them from all injustice, vulnerability and marginalization.


We envisage a society free from all kind of exploitation and injustice and where no one remains hungry, unemployed, illiterate and exploited.


To educate, organise and empower the poor, dalits, women and children who would in future act as a catalyst in promoting gender equality, justice, economic growth and self-reliance.

Goal & Objectives

PACE, established formally registered as a voluntary organisation in the end of year 2000 with the vision to enable poor communities to improve their social political and economic conditions through implementation of projects in a participatory manner.

Contact us

Coordinating Office:
C- 231, Near H.A.L., Faizabad Road,
Indira Nagar, Lucknow-226016
Uttar Pradesh. India.

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